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Winemaking demands a high level of attentiveness.

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We abstain from spraying chemically synthetic pesticides. In organic viticulture, we have so-called “contact substances” at our disposal, which have little to no absorption by the vine. In contrast to conventional pesticides, our measures must be applied before there is an issue, so they are preventative and not reactive.

Therefore, we must pay close attention to our vines, especially their growth and development. Taking all this in, as well as applying our years of experience in our daily vineyard work, gives us an enormous sense of satisfaction and pleasure.


Our wines are vegan! You might ask…aren’t all wines vegan,

they are made from grapes, aren’t they?


We get this type of question a lot. The answer is…not necessarily! We forgo the use of so-called fining agents, which are often sourced from animal proteins or isinglass (fish gelatin). Our experience is that wines made from healthy grapes of selected quality are able to develop and obtain their clarity and luster on their own.

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