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Since 2020, our single vineyards wines are all spontaneously fermented.


Starting in 2022, all estate wines also undergo a natural fermentation. If we talk about sense of place and terroir, then it only makes sense not to influence the fermentation process with cultivated yeasts.


Vitality is key for extraordinary wines. This is not just in terms of the soil, vines and grapes, but also the yeast in the wine and the aging process and development. Wines that have minimal amounts of sulfur or no sulfur added show demonstrably more vitality in terms of microorganic activity.

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Our “Reds” ferment slowly on their must. This means with grape skins and seeds, which extracts pigment from the skins and helps give Spätburgunder its magnificent red color. Additionally, we can obtain more grape extract, fruit flavors, fine tannins and mineral components through this process.

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